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2017/10/30 Hacking Night Ghost MinimOSD to do what I needed thanks to OSS: Mode Rotation with Channel Toggle, and Motor Death Detection
π 2017-10-30 01:01 in Rc
I ported the code I wrote from the original MinimOSD-Extras outlined here to the much superior fork from Night Ghost.

Night Ghost did excellent work in his branch, and the last version he released that works for mavlink is 933DV (given below).
That version however had a bug where it did not detect landings to show the summary page after landing, so I fixed that in my tree, and released 936MM. It also comes with an extra bonus, which is screen rotation switching by double switch flip as explained below:

I needed minimOSD to be able to rotate my OSD screens without burning an extra switch on my transmitter. I need to rotate screens because I'm doing 3D FPV flying and it's distracting to have OSD data in one eye when you're trying to get a 3D effect from 2 images :)

The way you can do this without burning an extra RC channel is to use rotation swiching on an existing channel, but the released code rotates forever as long as your switch is not in the down position, making the switch not usable for anything else. Night Ghost nicely added a 'by 200' option in his configurator, and I added the code to detect a switch change of at least 200us, and then switch back to the original position in less than 1 second.

You can find my changelog here:

  • 933DV: original from night ghost, last working mavlink version: 933DV
  • 936MM is my own version with fixed landing summary and 'by 200' support: 936MM
  • 937MM add a very useful feature for plane users, detection of motor death in flight (without which I lost a plane by not realizing that it was gliding with a dead motor). I did hardcode it to complain if you are using less than 2A with more than 30% throttle: 937MM
  • If you need to adjust the hardcoded motor detection, look at this change:

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