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Note to Freelance Recruiters:
I know you have an interesting offer, but

  1. I'm not commuting to San Francisco. Traffic sucks, parking sucks, your car gets keyed or broken into, and if you take a shared bus you end up in "go away richie" protest. Yes, there are some nice restaurants, I go there on occasion for that, but just for that.
  2. I'm definitely not moving to San Francisco either or elsewhere.
  3. If your company is on the list of those who sue others about patents (Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, and others), I'm sorry that you have to recruit for them. and understand that I'll never work for them on principle.
  4. More money won't really change this, sorry.
  5. More generally, I just switched to 50% time to enjoy time more and really don't need a full time job elsewhere, sorry.
  6. I know you'd like me to refer my friends, but honestly I don't want to bother them and most recruiters would want me to do their job for free and then keep the entire fee for the search even if I found them someone and did the job (a few offered a cut, which was at least appreciated). That said, it's not a money issue, I just have too many other things to do with my time.
For what it's worth, some of your over eager colleagues have made me not receptive to recruiters anymore. They called and paged me at undue times and for irrelevant jobs just because they were shooting blindly for numbers.
I know it sucks for you if you're being as considerately as possible, they messed up the image of your profession.

For a little story, read on...
The one time I needed the services of a recruiter was for my first job in the Silicon Valley. I contacted 15 recruiters and none of them got back to me with a job because I asked for an H-1 visa and a green card, and because of the Visa I was not able to start working for 3 months. Apparently the recruiters were all interested in a quick buck (some went as far as to admit that to me) and didn't want to deal with people who needed visas
Do I blame them for only looking for people who are available to work right away and not bother with "more complicated" cases? Well, not too much except that it may be more constructive for recruiters to help talented people who need visas than to keep calling and disturbing people who are already happily employed, which I consider rather rude.

I know there are some good recruiters out there who don't disturb people who are already employed and do not want a new job, but then those are the ones you never hear from since they're doing a good job....