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2007/04/08 Brushless upgrade for my multiplex plane
π 2007-04-08 12:07 by Merlin in Rc

After burning the motor on my plane due to overvolting, I upgraded it to a brushless motor (for a bargain of $29). The upgrade was a bit tough since it required a custom wooden piece to attach the motor to (the entire motor rotates around the mount, not just the shaft, it's quite weird).
Anyway, I eventually got it put together, and along with a bigger battery, I went for a few short flights. All I can say is that I'm impressed: first of all, I got a fair amount of flight time from my batteries without emptying them, the new propeller is huge and is generating a lot of trust. The plane is still too heavy to be able to hang off its prop like a helicopter, but the improvement in power is quite noticeable. I went from a plane that wouldn't even move on my carpet to one that darted into the wall and made a small hole in the drywall :)
Thanks to Jennifer for taking a few pictures and a video

Now, I have to do a lot more flying to see wha tthe plane can do and get the hang of the controls, especially the rudder, which I pretty much don't use right now. I guess I can also try to improve my landings in grass (hard since the plane will generally sink in the grass and nose over right away)

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