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2004/10/31 Oh, good, bank=church
π 2004-10-31 20:04 by Merlin in Public

Current Music: Remainder of the Tiesto Concert in Holland taped Sat Night
Current Mood: Well, this shit does piss me off, what can I say...

So, to read the NYT, and other silly subscription required sites, you can go to

And now, you can go check out this article , which is one of those things that make me ask WTF am I doing here.

Yes, I am actually quite tolerant of people's religions as long as they don't condone killing other people, but shit like this
  • loria Oshima, a teller who prays with customers at the drive-up window, all will explain the bank's success in the same way. Jesus Christ has blessed them because they are obedient to his will. Jesus told them to take his word out of the church and bring it to where people interact: the marketplace.
  • He says he has performed more than 60 faith healings in the bank and has ''saved'' another 60 people on bank premises.
  • A major response in this country to Islamic terrorism has been a rippling of Christian muscle. In the post-9/11 universe, Christians have become more aggressive in pushing a religious agenda on social issues ranging from gay marriage to stem-cell research

Now, the part about Intel having employee groups that gather to talk about the bible, or have an Islam prayer, that's quite different. IMO, that's quite fine, they are just special interest groups that happen to be about religion, but they don't ask other employees to listen to the word of god, or build god designed CPUs or something...

Can't all those people who now want to evangelize at work gather in all the bible belt, we draw a big line, and put them in a different country, where they can freely elect their Messiah, George W Bush... (oh, if you don't mind, we'll keep the weapons on this side, they might do bad things with them).
Or, maybe we should just persecute them, and have them flee by boat to some not yet much populated area of the world, with easily overrun natives, and ....
Oh wait, that's actually been tried already (besides, it feels like there's more of them than of us)
Maybe I should just go to an Island that used to be a penal colony instead. I hear they have nice diving there...

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