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2013/03/16 Picture Size Upgrades Thanks Rig3 And Shell
π 2013-03-16 01:01 in Linux
So, I started my blog about 10 years ago now (not counting some old html posts that I backported to the blog with some fancy scripting at the time).

Back then, my pictures were 640x480 because of available bandwidth and screen width, but eh, things have improved. Now 1024x768 is not a big deal, and soon even bigger will be fine.
Thanks to Ralf's rig3, all my blog entries after August 2008 were trivial to change since all rig3 takes the original pictures and resizes them to the requested size. All I had to do was to change 640 to 800 and later 1024. It took mere minutes.

It however got complicated for anything before that. Those posts were done on blogger with pictures I hand resized, and named. Sometimes unfortunately the names didn't quite match the name of the picture of the gallery they came from, sometimes not all all, or sometimes the picture was 101_Flight.jpg and I have 7 pictures called that and no easy way to know which one the snapshot was taken from. So, I wrote some heuristics to use the blog date and try to match that with the picture directory date when there is one (they don't always match, but they're often close enough that a match is possible).
After doing that, looking for all the corner cases, hand renaming files that I didn't name right the first time, and running my script more times, I got to resize around 98% of the older pictures and blogs so that they are also 1024 for almost everything. Yeah!

While I was at it, I also got do redo my burning man posts that had measly 640x480 pictures and look much better with 1024 pictures:

  • BM 2002
  • BM 2003
  • BM 2004
  • BM 2005
  • BM 2006
  • BM 2007.
  • I'm also happy that all my older pictures from hiking and diving are in higher res now, like:

  • John Muir Trail backpacking trip
  • Old pictures of my first flight to Mammoth, my first trip to Whistler
  • Best of best of snow pictures
  • Paris Air Show at Le Bourget 2006
  • My first flight to Oshkosh in 2007
  • Dives from Malaysia/Sipadan
  • My first trip to the great barrier reef
  • My second trip to the great barrier reef

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