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This page has a few of my blog entries about linux, but my main linux page is here
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Here is a list of older linux event reports I made before my blog was started, then the rest are below
1996/11/18-21:Linux Pavillion Comdex Fall 1996 (photos only). I've been going since then to help at the linux pavillion.
1997/11/18-21: Linux Pavillion Comdex Fall 1997 (photos only)
1998/05/28-30: Linuxexpo 1998 (photos only)
1998/11/16-20: Linux Pavillion Comdex Fall 1998 (full report)
1998/11/11: Silicon Valley Tea Party (report with pictures)
1999/02/15: Windows Refund Day (report with pictures)
1999/03/20: SVLUG KTEH night (photos only)
1999/03/01-04: LinuxWorld Expo Winter 99 (complete report with many pictures)
1999/03/31: Mozilla Party one year anniversary (photos only)
1999/05/18-22: Linuxexpo 1999 (complete report with many pictures)
1999/06/07: June 99 Balug meeting with Linus
1999/08/09-12: LinuxWorld Expo Summer 99 (complete report with many pictures)
1999/11/15-19: Linux Business Show at Comdex Fall 1999 (full report with pictures)
2000/08/14-17: LinuxWorld Expo Summer 2000 (complete report with many pictures)
2001/01/17-20: 2001 (complete report with pictures)
2001/07/25-28: OLS 2001 (photos only)
2001/08/25: Linux 10th Anniversary (report with pictures)
2001/09/27-30: LinuxWorld Expo Summer 2001 report with pictures)
2001/11/05-10: ALS 2001 (photos only)
2002/06/26-29: OLS 2002 (photos only)
2003/01/20-25: LCA 2003 (photos only)
2003/07/23-26: OLS 2003 (photos only)
2004/01/12-17: LCA 2004 (photos only)
2004/07/21-24: OLS 2004 (photos only)
2005/04/18-23: LCA 2005 (photos only)
2006/01/24-28: LCA 2006 (photos only)
2007/01/17-21: LCA 2007 (photos only)

Here is a list of all the talks I've given:

And below are my blog posts:

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2012/01/14 LCA/ 2012
π 2012-01-14 01:01 in Linux
So this year LCA 2012 was in Ballarat. As per my Ballarat post. While it wasn't the most exciting city in Australia, I just spent more time at the conference itself and with my confernece buddies.

Dinner with friends
Dinner with friends

The first day, we had the Arduino 2012 miniconf where we built the new Pebble v2:

Jon Oxner, making sure one of the Pebble V2 was built correctly
Jon Oxner, making sure one of the Pebble V2 was built correctly

This gave me something to play with during the conference. I spent most of my free time hacking on my new Pebblev2 board after the fact and ended up writing a new lcd3wire library and a much improved Pebble v2 Aiko Demo Code.

At the end of the conf, I went to the Hackerfest, where I got to write the rest of my code for my Pebble v2 :)

Andy Gelme and I, riding in style, to the hackerfest :)
Andy Gelme and I, riding in style, to the hackerfest :)

Yeah, it works (mostly!) :)
Yeah, it works (mostly!) :)

John brought some samples from freetronix for us to play with, drool over, or buy and bring home :)

But back to LCA 2012. They had some great keynotes (they were covered on The keynotes are on youtube.

The talks themselves, there were very some good ones. You cand find all the videos on the LCA 2012 youtube channel:

Two of the speakers sent one of their probes to near-space with a helium baloon after their talk:

And to finish a few random pictures of dinners and evenings:

That T-shirt is so full of win :)
That T-shirt is so full of win :)

Mikal came at the end of the conference to tell us about next year, and he's going to be the poor sob who's going to run it next year. Beat of luck Mikal :)

And just like that, the conf was over:

As always, LCA was a very well run conference, and despite the choice of a location that was very inconvenient (the uni itself being too far from whatever already limited city center was available in Ballarat), I had a great time again. In the end, it's still about the people, the conference, and the speakers.

See more images for LCA/ 2012

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