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2008/09/26 Knee Injury
π 2008-09-26 01:01 in Exercising
About 3 months ago, just before my work leave, I ran to work for the second time (took about 1h for 7.3 miles). This turned out not to be a great idea because that was the last time I was able to run, or significantly bike until this week, 3 months later.
I turned out to injure both my knees because they were somewhat wobbling left and right while I was running due to a muscle imbalance, and my being low on cartilage around that area to start with, caused a double injury on my tissues around my knee cap.

The obvious first thing I had to do was to stop any kind of running, and go very easy on biking or any other exercising that could stress my knees so as to allow for the tissues to heal. Then, I've been doing physical therapy which has mostly been training my side muscles so as to offload the knee itself by having the muscles carry the shockwave around the kneecap while keeping it centered.
At least, that's the idea :)

Time will tell how things work out. I started going to boot camp again (which means some running) and biking as well.

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