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2018/07/13 AnimatedGIFs for SmartMatrix or NeoMatrix (Neopixel/WS2812B) from SDcard or SPIFFS, on Teensy 3.x, ESP8266, or ESP32
π 2018-07-13 01:01 in Arduino
This is about

Louis Beaudoin published a gif decoder for arduino, which was designed for SmartMatrix and Teensy, and used for the Aurora Project. It also required an sdcard since Teensy does not have onboard flash usable for an onboard filesystem (unlike ESP8266/ESP32).

With his encouragement, I took his code, and ported it to my FastLED::NeoMatrix library which allows using neopixels as matrices.
I also added support for the SPIFFS on ESP8266 and ESP32 (built in flash memory filesystem on ESP chips, which allow working with any sdcard at all).

Here is the resulting code:

You can look at for the keys that are supported over serial port.

If "I just want to to display a GIF on my NeoMatrix", then I direct you to SimpleGifAnimViewer.ino which is a mere 60 lines of code if you remove the comments.

And it looks like this:

Enjoy, Marc

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