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2017/04/16 IoTuz Driver ported to Expressif ESP32 WROVER board
π 2017-04-16 00:00 in Arduino
As explained on this page, I wrote a pretty extensive driver-set for an ESP32 based board with lots of IO, but hardly anyone has that board (fewer than 100 made), so I ported what I could of the code to the WROVER.

Sadly the WROVER lacks a touch screen, so you'll have to wire at least a rotary encoder or a joystick. In the demo above I also wired 2 neopixels and an IR receiver to mirror the hardware on the IoTuz.

Source code:

See this video for a demo:

You'll definitely want to read carefully, especially the WROVER section.

On an ILI3941 based WROVER, you should also be able to play tetris and breakout:


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