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2011/01/19 Pebble Shield from Arduino Miniconf 2010
π 2011-01-19 01:01 in Arduino
I missed the arduino miniconf in 2010, but I was able to buy the pebble shield from a former participant, along with an arduino mega board. This board was a bit better for me to first learn on than the mobsendat because it had more interactive I/O to play with (potentiometer, LDR, LEDs, LCD display, and more).

This gave me a chance to learn the Aiko framework from Andy Gelme, which allows for registering event handlers that get called at a specified interval. I ended up writing some handlers that were missing, like a button handler that calculates which combination of buttons is pressed from the combined resistance generated by the 3 buttons. I used this to tell the board at what frequency to flash an led based on potentiometer or LDR light input.

slightly improved version with LEDs connected to the relays
slightly improved version with LEDs connected to the relays

I have a video showing this live:

This was a good way to learn how to play with arduino and learn programming, as well as being a test platform for the Zigbee chips I bought. I'll get a chance to do some more serious work on my mobsendat after that.

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