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This is a collection of my blog entries about snowboarding.
You can find all the pictures I've taken here, and read below for the more recent trips that I have recorded in blog entries:

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2021/11/12 Snowboarding at Ski Dubai
π 2021-11-12 01:01 in Nsnow, Snow, Uae2021
So, there was no way I could go to Dubai, and not go snowboarding of course :)

Before people cry murder about how bad it is for the environment, it's all indoors and temperature is controlled beter than ski resorts that spent untold amounts of energy to make a lot of snow that melts away on very big slopes. I don't have numbers, but my feeling is that it's actually not that bad in comparison, and it's cool for people there to be able to enjoy the snow when there is clearly none nearby.

This is what it looks like:

Like other places in Dubai, navigation was a bit tricky, I missed one exit and had to find far away street parking and jump some hedges to get in the mall eventually (or it would have been a 15mn drive to get all the way out and back in to the correct entrance). Got there eventually. I got in kind of late on a weekday, so I was lucky not to have any wait and got my gear right away. The guy was surprised when I asked a board of 164 and stance of 15R 30F. That was a bit aggressive and powder-day like, which is almost all I do :)

really cool to see a groomer indoors
really cool to see a groomer indoors

the quad chair was not detachable and a bit slow, but note the nice leather seats
the quad chair was not detachable and a bit slow, but note the nice leather seats

After a while I figured out that the tow rope was faster than the quad chair:

The run is of course not super long, but they have a mini terrain park at the top, and it was fun enough for almost 2H. Here's a vid:

It was definitely my best day of the season, haha :)
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