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This is a collection of my blog entries about snowboarding.
You can find all the pictures I've taken here, and read below for the more recent trips that I have recorded in blog entries:

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2009/02/28 Mixed Snow weekend at Heavenly and Kirkwood
π 2009-02-28 01:01 in Nsnow, Snow
On saturday morning, on the way up, we were pondering whether we should go for Kirkwood first or Heavenly first. Because by then the weather was forecast to have more snow on sunday while being nicer on saturday, I offered to go to Heavenly saturday to enjoy the nicer views, and hope for the K-factor to do its job on sunday.

Saturday ended up being downgraded from a foot of snow to none at all, so it was a good idea to be at Heavenly as we got to enjoy the lake views and rode in pretty good weather. I still hate heavenly for all its flat (or uphill) spots, but a couple of rides in Mott Canyon were decent, and the later part of the day, rides from sky express dropping in random places from the traverse to Nevada, were actually pretty good.

Looks like I had a bit too much fun with my board last time
Looks like I had a bit too much fun with my board last time

Sunday morning was disappointing because we had gotten 0 snow still, but we headed to kirkwood, as planned. The first rides were a bit crunchy and whatever powder was left has a crusty top, making turns fairly hard. To make things worse, the back side was closed, and even corniche was closed (they claimed wind hold, but wind was not that bad at the top).
So, we were left with riding the wall, which they could not fill to capacity due to it being half broken, which soon gave for long lines.
Luckily, it started snowing soon after the lifts opened, and by noon, it was snowing pretty hard. By then Corniche has finally opened (about freaking time), and the afternoon made for much better riding in pretty wet, but still fresh snow. For the last hour, we had enough new snow that it felt like a powder day :) That's a good thing since Jennifer was here for her first time this year, and the weekend wsa worthy enough :)
I also found out after the day was over, was that Heavenly apparently had many of its lifts closed for winds while they barely got any snow while Kirkwood got enough powder by the end of the day that it was fairly nice to ride.

Beautiful weather at kirkwood :)
Beautiful weather at kirkwood :)

and here's the track & stats of the day at heavenly
and here's the track & stats of the day at kirkwood.

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