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2006/01/28 2006 wrapup
π 2006-01-28 02:11 by Merlin in Linux

Current Mood: Good week
Current Music: Paulway - Telekinesis 1 (from my good Oz friend Paul who just gave his latest mixes to me)

The LCA conference went well. It was nice to see my see once or twice a year buddies from around the world.
The organizers did a fantastic job considering that they weren't many and that their were hosting us in a rather small New Zealand city as opposed to the Capital or Autralia, or some place like Sydney.
Like every year, it was geek heaven, with the usual suspects :)

I got to try my buddy's ever improving augmented reality project (running on linux on a custom built system that fits around the waist)

My talk went all right. I was too busy to really rehearse it, so I just delivered it on the fly, and that wasn't a problem (although I spent a little too long looking at the slides on my laptop since I hadn't memorized it)

Pretty much each evening, we had an organized dinner. Here I am with some buddies from Australia, the US, and Japan

The last evening, there was a big auction for a book (money going to charity), and to up the ante, various programmers offered to do several things if the bid reached a certain level.
In the end, the auction went for NZ$10,000, two programmers lost their facial hair, and one lost his hair since people exceeded the bids by which they promised to get those cut or shaved off.

This ended up being the attraction for that year (last year, they got dunked into a small pool)
Tomorrow morning, the organizers are very nicely offering us (the speakers) a helicopter ride above the city, and I'm flying back to San Francisco after that.

Anyway, good fun was had, and I had a great two weeks away from work :) and you can view the rest of the 2006 pictures if you wish

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