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I've been using btrfs since 2012, and while as of 2014, it's far from done, it's gone a long way in that time. I thought I'd post some tips and scripts from things I've learned through my own use and sharing with others, hence this page.
More generally, you'll find Btrfs documentation on the btrfs wiki.

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2014/03/20 Btrfs Tips: ACPI S3 Sleep aka Suspend And Btrfs Scrub
π 2014-03-20 01:01 in Btrfs, Linux

Btrfs and S3 Sleep (Suspend)

As of kernel 3.14, btrfs doesn't do the right things to freeze and allow a laptop or machine to go to ACPI sleep.

This is discussed in more details in this thread:

For now, I am using this crude workaround. I added this in /etc/acpi/
awk '/btrfs/ { print $1 }' /proc/mounts | sort -u | while read fs; do btrfs scrub cancel $fs; done

This could easily be improved by running scrub status, pausing scrubs that are running instead of cancelling them, and resuming them after coming back from sleep.

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