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This is a collection of my blog entries related to short or long trips I went on.
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2004/07/10 Ibiza Day 13: Friday (Cold, Final PADI Dive, Ibiza by Night & Pacha)
π 2004-07-10 12:03 by Merlin in Ntrips, Trips

So, the point of having gone to bed early thursday night was to feel ok on friday for my double dive (last dive day). Turns out however, that going to the restaurant without having had the chance to change made me cold and probably a little worse. I did however sleep almost 9 hours, and felt ok when I showed up for the dive.
This is where it stopped, though. Once down, I had a hell of a time equalizing my right hear (managed to do it twice, and then became entire unable to do so, causing pain, inability to follow the instructor, and forcing me to ascend back up to a few meters depth). What was a little bit unnerving was that I wasn't sure if I was suffering from a failure to equalize going down, or from a reverse block (ear equalized, but unable to release pressure when you go up, causing the opposite problem of too much pressure in your ear when you go up, and basically forcing you to stay down until you can figure it out)
Somehow, I did manage to do my navigation exercise at 10m, which was the last thing I needed for my advanced open water PADI cert (i.e. level 2). Unfortunately, I then misunderstood my instructor when he showed me a 'find your way back to the boat' note underwater. He meant that as an exercise, and I understood that as "ok, you're obviously done for today, you ought to go back to the boat".
Luckily, this was extra credit, I didn't need that to pass advanced open water, and quite frankly, I'm pretty sure I'd have failed badly: I was kind of out of it, and following without paying attention to where I was, so I'm pretty sure I would have had no idea where the boat was without surfacing.
On the way back, I started feeling worse and worse (i.e. sick), and it became clear that the second dive for the day was not going to happen at all (wouldn't have been able to equalise anyway), so I headed back to my room and went to bed with some more meds.
The scary part is that 5 hours later, I only felt worse than when I went to bed, as in noticeably worse (I was afraid to collapse, felt the world spinning around me, and so forth)... That night though, I had tickets to Pacha, another very famous night club in Ibiza which I had wanted to go to for a long time, and we also had a visit of the citadel and a restaurant planned in Eivissa. At this point we're not even talking about the sane thing to do anymore, I can't remember having been that dizzy from a cold, but the fact that I was feeling worse off than when I went to bed, and that I really wanted to go to my planned outings, and in grand tradition of doing the opposite of what I should sometimes do thanks to other people who are as bad as me (who know who you are :), I ended up deciding "screw it, I'm going anyway".
Somehow, more meds helped me get up and make the evening, and strangely enough, it's only past 01:00, when I got to Pacha that I started feeling a little big better (how's that for a Chewbacca defense -like "this does not make sense").

Visiting the citadel at night was nice. It made taking pictures that much harder, but it was enjoyable to go through it before we went to the restaurant. I could tell you about the History of Ibiza and the different people who have occupied the Island throughout the years, but I'll let you look it up if you're really interested :)

Pacha was cool because another one of my favorite DJs, Pete Tong, was playing there that night, and I had managed to score 15 euro tickets instead of the regular 45 euro price (isn't that insane BTW? 45 euros? Privilege on monday night's door price was 55 euros!!! I managed to get in for 30 euros thanks to a special rebate bracelet that was a year old but that the cashier didn't know about and honored)
Pacha was also the only place where I got busted taking pictures (3 times no less), as I often had to use my flash to get anything half decent. Luckily I got busted by different people, and they had no signs saying no pictures, so technically I was ok. Besides, I kind of stopped caring, so there you go :)

I think I got home around 05:00 or so...

Pictures from Friday

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