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This is a collection of my blog entries related to short or long trips I, or Jennifer and I went on.
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2004/07/07 Ibiza Day 10: Tuesday (Windsurfing & Dive)
π 2004-07-07 13:22 by Merlin in Trips

After a grand 5H of sleep (got home from Manumission around 05:00), I gave up sleeping and went to the beach to try Windsurfing (since you most likely don't know, I'm reasonably good in a laser (small and fast sail boat), but I never really learned to windsurf. I did a little bit when I was a kid (i.e. more than 15 years ago), and did it once last year. Long story short I didn't do too badly, but
it didn't manage to make it back to the beach due to turning and dying winds (pretty much always blowing away from where I was trying to get back, and changing when I was making a zig zag approach). No, my ego wasn't hurt too much when they came to get me in their boat to tow me back :)

The dive went fine, nothing extraordinary to report, and I then proceeded comatose on a beach chair while listening to music at Kanya. First came some folks giving free alcohol to promote some new liqueur (aftershock), and then some other dudes came with surveys on smoking and would give you a pack of smokes in return (that, I found kind of weak, I'm pretty sure it's not allowed in France or the US. For that matter, I'm tired of going back to public places where people smoke...)

The evening was mostly uneventful: we first had a Tapas party (i.e. everyone makes small things to eat and share). I had then planned to go out Rue des Anglais and use a quiet and early night to practise SS, but my voice was shot due to catching whatever Alain got. Luckily it's only a mild cold in my case, I'm not confined to bed or anything like that, but my throat took the worst of it, and my voice is mostly gone, so it's not really ideal for striking up conversations.
The good news is this hasn't messed with my ability to dive, like colds can. I can usually equalise the pressure in my ears (i.e. pop) at will, and I've only had to use the blow with my nose pinched up technique, which beats not being able to equalise and dive at all...
Anyway, I ended up going to a local pole dancing club, with very talented performers (I know someone who should have been there :), and crashed for an early rise the next morning for the Island of Formentera

Pictures from Tuesday

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