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This is a collection of my blog entries related to short or long trips I, or Jennifer and I went on.
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2004/07/03 Ibiza Day 7: Saturday (deep dive/PADI cert/sunset) (updated)
π 2004-07-03 11:09 by Merlin in Trips

After a painful morning trying to sleep (kind of hard due to light and noise, despite ear plugs), I finished up the PADI test in my room and went for today's dive: a specialized deep 31m dive where the point outside of seeing cool stuff was to see if you were affected by nitrogen narcosis, which makes everyone feel inebriated at some depth, but that depth is different for everyone.
This dive was just awesome (of course I did leave my underwater camera in my bedroom since I was not awake when I left): we saw loads of fishes, including some giant meter plus ones, and big octopuses.
When we hit 30m, the instructor had us do basic math to make sure we hadn't lost it, and the other guy I was with (former diver for the british military) and I both passed, so that's the first dive I can put on my advanced cert rooster. I got extra diving time with a few other folks due to our controlled and limited use of air, and took the extra time to enjoy more fishes. On the way up, we did a safety stop at 5m, since we had gone deep, and then headed back.
After putting all the gear away, the instructor went through Alain and my written tests, and we both passed with flying colors, except that I beat Alain's score, which is the only thing I cared about: he needs to be taught a little humility ;-)
But adding to that fact that I got certified for deep dives (up to 30-40m) the same day than I officially got my basic open water certification (18m max) is cool :)

I spent a little time at the beach, some of which I used to see if my digital camera had become fit for a toss from a high building yet, and as a fellow engineer of mine (specialized in digital pictures and printing) taught me: the best subjects you can take are skin tones, so I grudgingly took on his advise and did a few beach pictures :)

(look closer, my friends are in the picture :) )

That night, I was going to take it easy and go to the restaurant with the folks who are finishing their week and leaving tomorrow morning. Boy, I'm so glad I did sign up for two weeks... Alain, Seb (our roommate) and I need to wake up early tomorrow morning and go to Ibiza city for the famous Sunday @ Space party (08:00)
Turns out that the restaurant didn't happen because they were way too late (past 23:00, and I wanted to go to bed early to wake up in time for Space). However, I got a few pictures from the world famous Cafe Del Mar, from where you get to see an awesome sunset among thousands of people with matching music coming from the Cafe. Cafe Del Mar is especially famous thanks to the track from Energy 52 (click for mp3). Oh, I was also referring to great tunes I heard friday, like Hybrid - Finished symphony; you can download about 10 mixes of this awesome tune here

Then, plans got murkier as people changed their minds, flaked, and some went to Privilege, cancelling Space the next morning, so it became a "fuck it" and I just went to bed and got some well needed sleep

Pictures from Saturday

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