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This is a collection of my blog entries related to short or long trips I, or Jennifer and I went on.
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2004/06/28 Ibiza Day 2: Monday
π 2004-06-28 16:15 by Merlin in Trips

(if you wonder why the blogs don't have titles when they first get posted, that's because I think I'll be sending them from my bedroom through my GPRS cell phone, and using BloGTK to do a quick upload/publish, unfortunately, it doesn't support titles, so I'll be fixing that up through the web when I reach an internet cafe some time later)

So, I forgot to mention yesterday how intense the Sun is around here. Coming from California, and having done mountain biking during the summer at noon, you'd think that I'd be ok, but it's so intense that my skin just can't handle direct sun for that long, even with sun screen. At least I haven't gotten burned yet.

I started with wakeboarding, where I didn't do too badly for my 3rd time, but I was pretty bad technique-wise and got tired and sloppy pretty quickly. Then, I studied my PADI notes before going diving since I'm intent on getting my open water PADI level this week (and maybe more next week)

After that, Alain and I did our first dive of the week. It wasn't actually stellar, half because the spot we went to turned out not to be great, and we had some first time diver tourists in tow, and there is nothing wrong with beginners, but those were particularly bad

As nice brainfarts today, I just fried a transformer to charge my Empeg because I completely forgot to plug it into a 220->110V converter I do have (and used yesterday), and earlier, I had an discussion/argument with the American lady who joined us during during our dive about the fact that the verb to dive is conjugated dive/dove/diven, but that it might sound weird to her because Americans don't conjugate some verbs properly than just simplified them to be regular verbs, like dream/dreamed/dreamed, and dive/dived/dived, because "they don't know any better" I uttered. Somehow my brain had decided that they were british like all the other native sounding English speakers around in Ibiza, but turns out they were American, and she took small offense to my comment. Ooops to both :)
(turns out, I'm apparently all wrong on that verb anyway, but that has never stopped me from having a successful argument anyway :) )

Then, we had dinner with the UCPA folks:

I'm now going through the 150 pages of PADI material I'm supposed to read for tomorrow morning's class (not part of the basic deal, it's $400 Euros total, and of course does require some studying). I'm only at page 53, and it's already 01:03. I feel like L.F. was a few months ago. Argh...
Oh well, back to work...

Pictures from Monday
oh yikes! You really did pick a hairy verb to argue with the yank about. It's a bit more complicated wrt weak and strong form conjugation than you might realise. ;-)
posted by goaliegirl : 28 June, 2004 21:35

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