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This is a collection of my blog entries related to short or long trips I went on.
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2004/06/28 Ibiza Day 1: Sunday
π 2004-06-28 00:58 by Merlin in Ntrips, Trips

I somehow made it onto the plane (the idea was not to fall asleep in one of the terminal's seats), and because my body had given up on when was an ok time to sleep, I took a Sonata when I got in the plane. I'm not overly sure I remember the take off after that, just like I hear rumours of a decent breakfast in the plane, which was supposed to be surprising for a charter plane, but I do remember waking up a few meters before landing 1h40 later :)

We met the other 13 frenchies in our group and ahead for San Antoni, where our UCPA group stays on the Island. Sunday was the day off for the 4 UCPA sport instructors, and the one of them who most likely got the short straw and came to pick us up visibly went to the Privilege's opening night Sat Night, and hadn't exactly seen a bed in a day or so when he came to pick us up at the airport Sunday Morning :)
The killer quote was when the bus drove in front of the Privilege on the way to San Antoni, and we saw folks on the side of the road (it was around 08:00), and a car funnily parked so much into the side ditch that it was 45 degres angled. His comment was "ah oui, ce sont les restes du Privilege" (the leftovers from last night who hadn't managed to get home yet)

Anyway, after a quick welcome, we proceeded to unpack, and I went to check how the beds were for the next 90mn or so :) before heading for the beach to chat by the Kenya beach bar, with the familiar techno playing on the beach.

5H later, after a 14:00 lunch, a dip in the water, and a nap on the beach later, I headed back for the apartments to do some shopping (8 liters of water), and sign up for an internet cafe that would accept laptops (10 euros for 5H of usage, whenever I want: quite a bargain since I can sync all my mail and do what I need in less than 10mn). Depending on the mood, I've also been sending Emails or blog entries from my bedroom through my gprs phone (no phone lines in our apartments, which is not an Ibiza issue, but just because we're in a cheap place)
I'm on chapter 3 of Mr P.'s learning Spanish audio books, and actually managed to use some of it with the Internet Cafe guy who didn't speak any English or French (a little unusual for Ibiza), cool... (thanks RM).

I got a much needed shower after that (never really hit one, or a bed since I had left home friday morning), and what was funny the "thumb" "thumb" "thumb" I could hear through the opened window. Welcome to Ibiza, where you almost get to hear techno everywhere, even more than Burning Man where you hear music almost everywhere, but not necessarily techno...

After another pre-dinner nap, we had the welcome drinks around 21:00 when we met the other instructors who had waken up by then, and it was kind of funny when they had to give us the UCPA speech that our stay was technically focussed on sports, and that partying was supposed to be secondary (UCPA gets money from the French government to promote sports), as they obviously had faces from people who had partied all night :)
Dinner was from 22:00 to past midnight, and a guy from last year staying with Alain and I, decided to go with me to an early club visit around 01:00 since we had free tickets for the Amnesia that night, and wanted to go there for an hour or so. It was decent but not awesome (sunday nights are usually a bit low), so we headed back a bit past 02:00 and went back to bed for an early night (after all, most of us hadn't slept much at all due to the plane coming in that stupid ass time)

All in all, it was a quiet and decent day considering, and now the week starts, I'm going to go wakeboarding in half an hour, and diving this afternoon.

Pictures from Sunday
Glad you enjoy the Spanish tapes!
I don't think they hit the survival sentence "Quiero una cerveza muy fría" before Level 2 though :-)
posted by ralfoide : 28 June, 2004 11:34

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