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2018/10/20 Denver Museum Nature and Science
π 2018-10-20 01:01 in Sciencemuseums
While in Denver, I figured I'd go see the Museum Nature and Science before seeing a few other things that day. Little did I know that I'd spend the entire day in the museum from open to close (09:00 to 17:00).

While the museum has lots of displays, most of them are displays of many animals around the world, and they were surprisingly well made:


baby birds, so cute
baby birds, so cute

The prehistoric section was well made too:

Also a small Egyptian section:

Also a small section on native americans:

Also a section onthe human body:

Other rooms had very nice collections of crystals:

I didn't have enough time for it, I could have spent several hours there, but they had a special exhibition which was a lot of brain teasers. That was fun, but I had to limit my time there. Too bad it likely won't be there next time I'm in Denver.

And I finished up with teh space section:

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