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2016/07/24 Miyajima Aquarium
π 2016-07-24 01:01 in Aquariums, Japan2016
While in Miyajima, we went to visit their small aquarium there. It actually wasn't bad in content, the highlight was by far the spitting fish that could target bugs on a board up in the air and with a precise single water spit, use that small water jet to hit the bugs, make them fall in the water, and hit them:

Watch the video to see the water jets:

The very big lowlight was how small the very small tanks that many of the animals were in. That really looked wrong. Those poor mammals, part of the whale family, were in a super small tank where they could just swing around aimlessly. Sadly it's not the only such aquarium in Japan, the whale shark in Oaska also doesn't belong in a tank that small :(

Some other random pictures:

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