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2019/04/09 Trying Diffusers for RGB Panels run by SmartMatrix::GFX
π 2019-04-09 01:01 in Electronics
While playing with RGB Panels, I wanted to fix 3 problems
  • protect my LEDs: when transporting the panels in luggage, the LEDs can be ripped out the board
  • add a protection around the board which is has very sharp corners (relevant on my shirt for dancing)
  • act as a diffuser so that the LEDs aren't as "sharp" in the dark, and generally act as a diffuser.
  • The diffuser however had to be:

  • reasonably light (it's for a wearable)
  • somewhat bendable and not easily breakable (again, wearable)
  • After getting recommendations on the FastLED group and SmartMatrix group, I ended up getting two things:

  • Extra Thick Flexible Frosted Clear Plastic Cutting Mat

  • Serenity Foam Underlayment for Laminate Flooring

  • The Frosted Clear Plastic Cutting Mat was good for protection, but didn't offer too much diffusion. Still, it was better than nothing, and that's what I ended up using in the front of my shirt.
    The Serenity Foam Underlayment for Laminate Flooring offered better diffusion, but no protection at all. However, I figured out that if I used that, plus the cutting mat on top, I got extra diffusion and protection.

    If you wonder, the demos below can be had from:

  • Here are pictures of what it looks like with one and both layers:

    The cutting mat only still provides some diffusion, just not as much:

    Here is what it looks like with both layers and very small wires to hold the mat on top of the 3 32x64 RGBPanels attached together:

    Here is what it looks like side by side, with both, and without any:

    This works pretty well, thank to the people who provided suggestions and help

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