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This is a collection of my blog entries and experiences with diving.
You can find all the pictures I've taken here, and read below for recountings of my more recent trips:

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2006/10/01 Catalina Trip and Diving
π 2006-10-01 22:49 by Merlin in Diving, Ntrips, Trips

Jennifer and I flew to Catalina and spent 5 days there from Sept 27th to Oct 1st.

Jennifer was signed up for a 3 day course to get her PADI open water certification, and I also asked the divemaster to check her out for a deep dive so that she was known to be ok at 30 meters depth (and certified all the way down to 41m due to PADI making no sense)
While she was doing that, I did a boat dive on the first day, biked inland in the morning of the second day

... and I did a couple of shore dives the second day (no pictures because I proceeded to lose my camera off my wrist right as I entered the water, but luckily someone found it and returned it later), and on the third day, Jen was able to accompany me on the boat dive, as she managed to get certified in 2 days instead of 3.
The 3rd day, we did 3 dives together, which all went well, although Jen didn't have enough weight on her 3rd dive to stay down at the end, so I gave her some pretty rocks to weigh her down :)
Also, there are several Unis ana lobster, aka lunch, that escaped :)

Giant sea bass are always nice to see when they're almost your own side

remnants of uni

potential lunch :)

You can also look at the rest of the diving pictures in Catalina

On the 4th day, since we couldn't dive before flying, we used the time to bike up to the airport (11 miles, 1600 feet up), but while the plan was to bike at leas to little harbour, and back to Avalon before taking our luggage and the shuttle back up to the airport, the weather turned bad, and we had fog, light rain, and colder weather when we were in T-shirt and sweaty, so I opted for taking the shuttle back down, return the bikes and ride the shuttle back up with our luggage for an early departure, in case the weather got worse, and to give ourselves a larger window of opportunity to make the flight home (but soon, this won't be an issue thanks to the IFR rating, more about the flight there )

found one :)

And you can also look at the rest of the pictures taken in Catalina

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