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This is a collection of my blog entries and experiences with diving.
You can find all the pictures I've taken here, and read below for recountings of my more recent trips:

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2005/09/15 Lankayan Island Dive Resort
π 2005-09-15 01:01 in Diving
Lankayan was my first destination part of my Diving Trip to Malaysia.

It's an interesting little Island: you can walk around it in about 10 minutes, everything, including fresh water is brought it by boat, and they have a diesel generator to provide power for the few people who live here, the Army, and us. The army? you say: yes, it's a very protected area for wildlife, and they protect both the Island and 10 nautical miles from Philipino fishing boats, as any kind of fishing here is strictly prohibited.

Damn, life is tough there, you have no idea...
3-4 dives a day, including a night dive on my first day which was my first (quite interesting actually, as long as you do brought a flashlight ;) )[bt]

On my first day, I also got there on time to see a batch of baby turtles being released, that was so cool:

Baby sharks were also swimming by the beach:

The water has some nice tropical fish (obviously, since I am only a few degrees off the equator), temperature is typically above 30 degres C, which is quite bearable :) and the diving really ain't that bad :)

Diving was very nice compared to what I was used to, although nothing compared to what I was going to see in Sipadan-Kapalai. The only downside was the mild DCS I got (bubbles in one of my arms/hand which started during the night). Thankfully I was fine the next day, and had enough time on the ground before my next flight. And putting the diving aside, the Island was great:

partying like a rockstar ;)
partying like a rockstar ;)

working hard :)
working hard :)

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