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2014/04/28 Farewell To Our Cat
π 2014-04-28 01:01 in Cats
Unfortunately Jennifer has become more and more allergic to our cat in a way that it wasn't a good idea to keep him. On some days she'd be ok, on others not at all. At the same time the poor bugger has been needing more medical help, which I've been happy to give, and we figured we could likely keep him until his death, but recent flare ups Jennifer had made us decide otherwise.
Because he was sick, it was not possible to give him away anywhere, but the nice lady I got him from over 10 years ago was able to get him back and will be able to care for him on his last days (including daily fluid shots, and more).

Soon before he left, we when didn't know how much he'd live still, Jennifer wanted to give him a little tour of our yard with a made up leach. He wanted to go there, but due to racoons, poison oak he could bring home, and more, that just wasn't practical for him or us, so she gave him a supervised walk for him to enjoy the plants and grass:

On his last day with us, I took a couple of pictures. By then he had lost a fair amount of weight already:

After that, we had to do a full and thorough house cleaning:

We'll miss him, he really was a good cat without an attitude and wanting nothing more than companionship, being pet, and sitting on your lap or next to you.

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