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2024/02/27 Lucha Libre Wrestling at Arena Mexico
π 2024-02-27 01:01 in Mexico, Outings
I used to watch wrestling as a teenager but had never seen a show in person, and Lucha Libre was listed as one of the things to do in CDMX, so I gave it a shot. It was of course silly and had a few expanded "rules" compared to the wrestling I used to watch (3 on each team instead of 2), but otherwise it was the same half ridiculous but entertaining show I had seen before, even if I could not understand the spanish (which ultimately didn't make a huge difference anyway).

Lucha Libre Wrestling is very popular in Mexico, lots of merch in the city:

Very strangely, cameras were not allowed but taking pictures with cell phones, was. Go figure...

Short Video:

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