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This is a collection of my blog entries and experiences with diving.
You can find all the pictures I've taken here, and read below for recountings of my more recent trips:

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2016/01/31 3 Dives in Queenscliff, off Melbourne, Australia
π 2016-01-31 01:01 in Diving
Since we were staying in Geelong, it was only about 30mn from the dive shop where I had to be at 06:30 to rent equipment before the first dive boat leaving at 07:15. Getting up at 05:30 wasn't exactly a problem though since I had just arrived from California and was jetlagged anyway :)

I have few pictures though, due to a combination of:

  • I got pushed a bit to go on the first boat that was leaving, and forgot my big camera (just too a few shots with gopro)
  • 2nd dive (drift dive holding rope) was cancelled half way to a moron that left the rope to go get a lobster, causing the dive to be cancelled after 15mn
  • For a reason I still don't know, the camera battery was then dead for the 3rd time, so I just did a few screen grabs from the gopro video.
  • Impressions on the place:

  • Conditions were tough the day I went, 3 meter swells, 2nd dive (wreck dive) got cancelled and replaced with a drift dive which was then cancelled half way
  • 3rd dive was also cancelled and replaced with another dive (which thankfully was actually better). My dive buddy, Alastair was a good match, he used air at about the same rate as I had bottom time left on my 3rd dive (despite 32% nitrox).
  • Vis was not terrible, but far from great
  • Water at its warmest season was still cold (18C), which is barely warmer than Monterey (16C on a good day, 5-8C in the winter). I used their rental 7mm suit and used my own 5.5mm shortie on top. That was warm enough.
  • Sea life wasn't great, but it was ok. A few different fishes than what I'm used to, but didn't get to see the leafy seadragon they have there
  • Anyway, as a result, I only have a few crappy pictures, not Linus fish-butt bad pictures, but close :)

    5kt of current, my first drift dive with a rope
    5kt of current, my first drift dive with a rope

    Video of the 2nd and 3rd dive (4K), not earth shattering, just in case you care :)

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