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2017/07/02 RC Flights around Sunol and Discovery Bay
π 2017-07-02 01:01 in Rc
During July 4th, we went to visit JBQ & Eugenia. I took my RC planes, and we went to try them out in open fields not too far.
There was a nice RC flying field with runway, unfortunately not open to non members, so we went to fly closeby:

Unfortunately, my plane with too much tape, tip-stalled close to landing and crashed badly:

The next day, we went to Discovery Bay, for very nice views. Another unfortunately thing is that the motor died in flight, and the plane was gliding so well that I didn't notice the motor died until it was too late to glide back. The auto-pilot did a fantastic job flying the plane back all the way to the ground.

Eventually I lost video line of sight, and never saw the plane again. I went looking for it a long time, and got my glide ratio wrong, it went much farther than I thought it could. It ended up on a golf course and a groundskeeper found it, put it away and never called me on the numbers on it:

A months later, I got a call out of the blue from a gardener asking if if I had lost a plane. I was not even sure what he was talking about given how long ago it had been, but sure enough, that was it. I was so happy. This allowed me to get the pictures and videos out of them:

I got a lot nice shots during the flight, though:

plane's getting low
plane's getting low

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