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2013/02/27 Do Not Buy From Rotor Concept or Patrick Le
π 2013-02-27 01:01 in Rc
After 3 months, I finally got my money back through my credit card.

So, Patrick Le, aka, aka, (626) 448-8888, 2646 Durfee Avenue, #188, El Monte, CA 91732, goes to tradeshows, like aviation tradeshows, and demos reasonably cool RC helis or quadcopters.

They sell things like ID1-SWAT COAXIAL HELICOPTER or the Rotor Concept HPQ1. When I ordered the latter, this is what happened:

  • I was overcharged $486.13 for a $300 show special + tax + lighting kit which definitely wasn't > $100.
  • I only got part of the quadcopter (no remote, no receiver).
  • Weeks later after more Emails, and phone calls, Patrick finally bothered to send me the missing pieces, but with absolutely no instructions on how to connect them.
  • After another 2 weeks lost, I finally got wiring instructions, and the quadcopter was never stable. It flew, but it wobbled
  • Patrick offered a couple of suggestions but none worked, and when I asked that he take back the pieced up model and send me a fully assembled and tested one, which is what I had paid for, he stopped replying.
  • Along the way, he did mention that he was going for a trip in China, and he'd be gone for 6 weeks (yes, that means not answering to any customer phone calls or Emails, because those don't really matter to him once he got the money).
  • I don't think Patrick is a crook per se, but he clearly doesn't care about doing his job right, charging the correct price, shipping what he sold to customers, fixing his own mistakes right away (not three weeks later), or doing timely customer support.

    Long story short, he's a disgrace to the RC community, if my review didn't convince you, got read other reports on better business bureau:

    In my case, I called my credit card to dispute the entire charge and get a full refund since he failed to reply within 3 months, which hardly suprised me.

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