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2007/03/19 First RC plane flights
π 2007-03-19 11:26 by Merlin in Rc

I finally got my RC plane built last friday morning (Multiplex Minimag with big brush 6V motor (400), driven by 1350 3S lipo at 11V), and went for the Maiden flight.
Except for the first launch that overestimated the power of the motor (I didn't launch it hard enough), the first flights went fine. I had some close calls with the ground, but things went ok after that.
In the afternoon, I did a couple of flights on the terrain next to google, but unfortunately, I first went into a tree, which I didn't judge to be as close as I thought (it wasn't too hard to get the plane out), and my second launch after that didn't work due to bad elevator trim that caused the plane to go right into the ground and eat its prop.
After a new prop, I did a few more flights the next day, although it was in very windy conditions, and I ended up in a much larger and taller tree this time :)
Getting out of it was much harder: my trick of launch a gym bag with shoes for weight, and a rope to pull, dind't work as well because of the difficulty of the throw and the height. I got very close once, but not enough to shake it loose.
Ultimately, I got very lucky as person picnicking closeby just climbed the tree. That guy was amazing, as the tree was not easy to climb, but that guy was very athletic, and did a great job of it).
Anyway, except for a dent prop, some problems to the new prop having been mounted the wrong way and causing little lift :), I actually did a decent job of flying so far and have yet to crash into the ground.
I also scored multiple power off landings when the ESC cutoff motor power due to low batteries. I've been very happy with my flaperons that have allowed me for very slow approaches and "landings" in the grass.

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