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2004/03/04 Step
π 2004-03-04 20:48 by Merlin in Exercising

Boot camp was a bit boring today, I'm just not a fan of cardio kickboxing (and our teacher is a karate teacher, so it's obviously easy for him to wing a class by doing cardio kickboxing when he runs out of material for a class).
Anyway, I got home a bit bored, so I put on some good techno (incidently what you'll hear during most high impact step classes as there is nothing better to put in the mood and give the correct beat) and went stepping on my home step for 30-40mn, to actually sweat a little and make my shower worth my time.

Incidently, I got a bit melancholic as I realized that I've now forgotten most of the steps that I used to do
with Eric, the best high impact teacher ever IMO, at 24H fitness. Since not only my knee is blown (I had
to ice it again as it just will not stand the rotations that I do anymore), but Eric stopped teaching step after 20 years, I've come again to the painful realization that I'll most likely never be able to do those insane step classes that I, and my peers there, enjoyed so much. Every other class I've gone to, is just very pale in comparison :(
I did enjoy every single minute of it, but now I wish that I had taken a few videos of the best classes that
we took, and the insane steps and combos that we built on the fly on top of the regular class. Where am I ever going to find that again? (assuming my knee would be capable of withstanding it, which it probably won't)
Sigh, it's sometimes hard to admit that your best days of something are behind you for good...

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