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2005/08/11 Linux Penguin Bowl at Linuxworld, Geeks vs Nerds (Linux vs Microsoft)
π 2005-08-11 22:53 by Merlin in Linux

Linuxworld isn't exactly an exciting show anymore, just a sad, shrinking, commercial show (nothing to do with what it used to be in its first seasons like summer 1999, winter 1999, summer 2000, and summer 2001)

Anyway, the main reason I went was that I was invited by my friends Jeremy and Chris to the Golden Penguin Bowl, I really wanted a glass penguin, and it was on my way back from the French consulate in San Francisco where I went to get my passport renewed :) (it also didn't hurt to run into a lot of former coworkers and fellow linux geeks)

We were playing against the microsoft linux team, and while I came with the appropriate geek attire (I was on the geeks team), they came disguised as storm troopers with Darth Vader, it was quite funny. They actually did pretty well; we won a few questions on microsoft, and they won a few questions on linux. In the end, we were slightly ahead, and we ended up winning hands down on the last question which was listing as many Unix and Posix operating systems as we knew. The judges compared it against a list of official answers, and we were about 5 ahead of the other team. I was amazed that they actually accepted my AUX entry, an ancient and obsolete Unix for Apple servers that no one knows about :)

Anyway, that was good time spent. The rest of the pictures are here . Jeremy gets kudos for his great two sides of the force costume :)

The Geeks won by being able to list the most Unix/Posix systems

I've been needing one of those glass penguins for a while :)

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