LinuxWorld Convention & Expo Summer 2000


Unfortunately, because I was presenting and giving a talk on Unix Passwords at SVLUG at the time, I didn't make it to LinuxWorld winter in New York.
However, I did make it to the Summer show and it was really big compared to last year: the show floor took over all the space they had, which forced them to move the Keynote Hall to a building across the street


What's in this page?

My coverage of the four days of linuxworld expo summer 2000. It contains my review of the events, and many pictures that I took during the show.
I hope you enjoy your virtual visit of the expo (I also have other reviews from previous events on my linux page)

Marc Merlin

The Show

In addition to using the keynote floor for booths, they had booths in the halls, and according to Charly Greco, president of IDG, they had 200 companies with booth space, and had to refuse another 50, for which they weren't able to get any space in their 17000 square meters of booth space (that's about 170,000 square feet for the metric system challenged people :-)).
Charly announced that next year, they'll looking at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Darn, the morning drive from the Silicon Valley is going to suck! :-)

Another interesting point is that Linus didn't do a keynote this time.
Last year, he said that they begged him and that he could talk about anything but this year Linus decided not to talk. Eh, I can't blame him, everyone wants him to talk everywhere, and it takes time to prepare those talks anyway :-)


This expo, it was difficult to ignore the BSD presence in the show, and that's a good thing. The BSDs out there do deserve recognition and can step in in areas where linux isn't necessarily the best choice yet.

Oh, and if you're looking for a report of this years' Geeks with Guns, I'm afraid I don't have any because it conflicted with the VA party. That said, I was also told that some were actually relieved that I wasn't going because they didn't want to be photographed there. Never mind the fact that it's easy to ask me not to take pictures, or to erase a picture I already took, I'm not quite sure why one would want to hide one's presence at a proud event like Geeks with Guns. Oh well...


A big thank you goes to all the companies that put out parties, offered the Email gardens, free training in their booth, and generally helped the show be successful.
Obviously the IDG folks also deserve a hand for the successful show, which was run very professionally.

Last words

It was once again a grueling 4 days, not counting the too many hours it took me to write these pages :-)
I'll have to admit that some of the conferences were lacking (although we had a few really good ones too, like Rusty's). LWCE isn't a technical conference and now that Linuxexpo in North Carolina is dead, I guess I'll have to start going to OLS and ALS :-)

And here's the now usual little footer note:
If you'd like to use some pictures or text, please Email me first.

'Till next time
Marc Merlin (

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