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2009/03/13 Flew Over Bike Handlebar
π 2009-03-13 01:01 in Exercising
Went out to bike to work for the first time today.
3rd light was red but because the opposite left turn arrow was green, I thought it was about to turn green so I went on. At the light I realized that the cycle had changed and the intersection was actually turning green. I braked hard, stopped by the red light, but my front brake was too strong and my center of gravity was too high, so my front wheel locked up, I flew over the handlebars, and landed on my face.

3H later at the ER I had 5 stitches on my chin, a very bruised left hand, but nothing broken (mostly typing with just one hand right now, hopefully my left hand will feel better soon). (after calling home to have Jennifer pick me up and the bike, I drove myslef to the ER with the one good hand).

my left hand is still quite swollen and sprained

My GPS watch is toast

All in all, it could have been much worse. I got a good reminder of the meaning of kinetic energy, and especially center of gravity. I'll also see if I can retune my brake bias. Oh yeah, I may want to be less optimistic about my ability to time lights so that I don't have to stop and start as much.

BTW, for those who believe in that, it was Friday 13th :)

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