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2008/05/03 Bike Ride around the house towards Skyline and Fremont Older Space Reserve
π 2008-05-03 10:52 by Merlin in Exercising

Since we now live pretty close to the skyline mountains, we went to bike to the Stevens Creek Reservoir, which happens to be the source of the water that flows down in our backyard.
From there, we first went up Montebello to 1500ft or so, and around a private road, through some wineries, and road called peacock drive with actual peakcocks on it, and then we went back down around Stevens Canyon, Mt Eden Rd, through a winery, and through Fremont Older back home (Fremont Older was somewhat challenging without a map, it had trails that split in all directions. Thankfully my GPS and trails I premapped was good enough to get us home as the sun was setting.

The Stevens Canyon Reservoir is only 15mn biking distance

we went to visit a winery on the way up Montebello

We biked 1000ft up Montebello (which was only half way), and it made for some nice views

One of many wineries we biked by

Ok, it was a bit too much uphill for Jennifer's taste :)

And we headed home through Fremont Older Space Reserve

The other pictures from Fremont Older and the Stevens Canyon Reservoir

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