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2004/09/24 Jog in Central Park (updated)
π 2004-09-24 20:19 by Merlin in Exercising

Well, I haven't had much time to go exercising in the last week (had to work in the morning as soon as I got up, and had plans most nights), but today was a good day to do something about it after work was over, so I headed for Central Park for a jog. I was kind of curious how long it was and how long it'd take me to jog around it.
End result: 6.3 miles (I first thought it was 6.0), 49mn07, or 7mn48s mile average. Not stelar, but considering it was far from flat, and I'm not really a good jogger anyway, I guess that's good enough (I passed a bunch of people, and 6 passed me, 2 going a bit too quickly to last the 6 miles IMO, but who knows...)
While looking for how long the loop was, I found this page on running . According to the end of it, I'm already past level 21 out of 22. Woohoo, I just skipped more than 6 months of training :)
I was planning on doing a second lap, but I made the mistake not to take an advil beforehand, so my knees were starting to warm up and a second lap didn't sound like a great idea anymore. Instead, I walked back to the office down broadway. It was a nice walk and good to see 20 blocks of broadway at night. I even managed to catch critical mass (a bunch of bikers riding across manhattan once a month), followed by lots of cops on motorbikes and vans :) (ok, it was fun, but it doesn't beat critical tits at burning man :)
Eh, I even got lucky for a change, I was using my nice jersey since it had pockets in the back, one with a zipper, and put my cell phone and camera in there. That wasn't the brightest thing I did as they got covered with sweat pretty quickly. Luckily neither my cell phone or camera got damaged by the exposure....
Ah, but the trick is to see whether you can repeat that performance three or four more times this week. ;-) *That's* when the training kicks in. :-) Lucky you getting to go running in Central Park. Grrr.

btw -- ziplock baggies are what you're after to protect your phone, money and such.
posted by goaliegirl : 26 September, 2004 12:23

I am planning on going again, but I did step instead this morning. I did feel it though, my legs just aren't used to jogging.
My plan wasn't just to do it again though, but to do better next time :) (i.e. 8mn/mile or under and/or two laps, or about 20km). We'll see if I actually manage that or not (and also find the time, but that's a different issue)
As for ziplocks, yes, I figured that out, and I'm taking some next time :)
posted by MM : 26 September, 2004 15:04

8 min/mi is quite respectable. :-) Weird that the page you cite has 7.5min/mi as the top speed. But I guess it's for total beginner runners.
posted by goaliegirl : 27 September, 2004 19:25

Turns out that I actually did right under 7:30/mile now that I've adjusted the real distance to 6.3miles, so the end numbers are actually a bit better :)
posted by MM : 29 September, 2004 21:11

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