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2004/08/02 Biking Jersey, shorts, and socks
π 2004-08-02 09:12 by Merlin in Exercising

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I finally got my butt out yesterday to try my new biking gear (thank you again, you :). By the time I got to the top of skyline, it was covered with deep fog and clouds that were low enough to be all over my trails.
With the wind on top of that, it felt quite chilly. That said, I had some biking clothes to put to the test, so I didn't put my backup jacket, and just went out with the jersey and shorts.
Basically, I only got cold on my arms, which weren't covered by the jersey. Amazingly, my body didn't get cold, even though the jersey is quite light (it's very well designed, the vents are in the back so that the wind from forward movement doesn't enter through them)
The shorts were also quite comfortable (more than my regular biking shorts), and even the socks were of an interesting design (for one, it didn't hurt to walk on them in my kitchen due to the padding, where all the other socks I have do not provide enough protection).
The ride went fine. I made it up grizzly flat in 23mn44s, which isn't my best time ever, but fairly close to it. This made me happy as I was afraid that after 5+ weeks of not biking, I'd have struggled a lot more through it. I also got somewhat wet due to the fog/clouds condensing on tree leaves, and creating big droplets that would fall on me as I rode by, but while it felt cold, I ended up being sufficiently thermally protected. Actually I think the gersey probably made the difference between me having a nose slightly running at the end, and a pneumonia ;)
Anyway, the new clothes rule. Thanks :)

(Oh, I also had a good time keeping up with a buggati riding up pagemill :) )

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