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2004/05/24 Montebello calling
π 2004-05-24 01:42 by Merlin in Exercising

Current Music: ID &T; Classics - The Megamix
Current Mood: Brain no worky worky :)

Yeah, so while I had plenty to keep me at home, I just couldn't bear to skip another day of exercising. It had been 10 days since I stopped due to my cold...
I didn't get fancy, I just went to my usual spot, Montebello, happened to meet a fellow miata friend from BAMO over there (funny how I meet people in that parking lot), and went for the ride.
I already noticed on the way to the parking lot that I had forgotten my heart rate monitor (doh), and half way down the path, I see a "you are wearing your helmet, right?" sign and say double-doh (it was in my car in the parking lot).

Oh well, today was not a day I was going to use my brain apparently... I did grizzly back up in 24:48, which isn't bad (second best time), but wasn't better than my last time even though I had hopes to have done better. I guess I shouldn't have been too hopefull after having been without any exercise for 10 days and having just recovered from a cold...

At least I'm able to clear the river without stepping off my bike now, but I still can't make it through the pile of rocks on the other side (one day maybe).
Further on the path, there is that really tough piece that I've just had to step down for the last 2 times I tried it, and this time I refused to go through without making it, so I went back down and up 8 times, until I managed to clear it. What was cool is that soon afterwards, there is a really steep incline covered with loose sand, and I somehow managed to barely clear it in third gear. That one was very tricky, my back wheel slipped a lot despite the higher gear, and I was actually happy to have gone through that one without setting a foot down.

The rest was mostly uneventful, I just need to change the break pads on my protege, I've apparently managed to wear them out on my last trips up and down 84
(well down mostly, I guess :)

I've moved all my Montebello pictures in the same directory. They're all here now

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