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2004/04/25 ABEC 9: holly shit ('scuse my french :)
π 2004-04-25 23:42 by Merlin in Exercising

So, a few weeks ago, I had a really painful rollberblading experience , and had vouched to replace both the wheels and bearings (I honestly didn't know which ones were responsible for the aweful drag, but I didn't really care).
So, on my way through Big 5 yesterday, I picked up some ABEC 9 bearings (didn't even know it went that high), which is basicaly the highest rating for speed a low drag. At the same time, I bought some new 76cm wheels and made sure to get soft ones (78A instead of the usual 82-84A which last longer, work fine on smooth asphalt, but just don't work well on steven creek's trail, most of the trail is just too rough for hard wheels).
Anyway, I didn't push too hard initially because I wanted to be careful, especially downhill, but I noticed that I was already hitting my checkpoints with good times, and when I got to the end of the trail in 43:30-ish, I realized how far ahead I was, and ended up doing the whole trail (both ways) in 83:27, shattering my best time ever by a whole 6mn (or 53mn faster than with the bad wheels and bearings!!!), and I know I can even do better by pushing a bit more on the way there, and on a cooler day.
I can only say one thing: Whoa! (19km/h over 26km, and not much slower than what I did on my bike).
So, while the wheels and bearings cost more than my rollberblades when I bought them, I don't regret a single penny

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