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2004/03/09 Finally biked to work
π 2004-03-09 11:37 by Merlin in Exercising

Current Music: Dave Pearse - Some Mix (I was watching the road, not the player)

After working a few hours and feeling sleepy (no idea why :), I courageously went to bed again around 9:30, and almost got 45mn of sleep. I felt much better after that, to the point that I realized that it was nice outside (might have something to do with why I was so warm in my nice clothes yesterday), and I also celebrated my 7th pound shedded this morning, so I decided "WTH, let's bike to work today".
It's cool because I actually get to wear my bootcamp clothes (with just a short on top, trust me, it's better that way ;-D), so that's less stuff to worry about, and 20mn later, I was on my way.

End result:
Heart rate: 151bpm min / 159bpm avg / 171bpm max
Time/Speed: 22mn15s for 9.2 km or 25km/h
Not too bad for a heavy mountain bike, and me not having biked for 4 months.
(note that 25km/h includes slowing down for lights and so forth, but I was able to get
all of them green or more or less run them this morning. Usually I have to wait for 2 or so).
It doesn't yet beat my 22mn flat for 10.1km (return trip from my old building), but
it's a decent start.

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