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2022/08/01 Partial Day in Leuven
π 2022-08-01 01:01 in Belgium, Ntrips
Leuven wasa quick train ride from Mechelen. It wouldn't be terrible to spend a whole day there, but I only had have a day, so I made the best of it, as usual :)

Timing was a bit tight, so I had to organize things in the order that they would still be open. The Museum by the library/clock tower was a good way to start the visit:

nice view from the top, of course
nice view from the top, of course

Another main plaza with beautiful buildings:

Time was running a bit short, so I went directly to Museum Leuven, another museum of everything :)

Then, there was plenty of daylight left to go visit the Botanical Garden, which was quite good, and the walk there was scenic:

It was a bit quicker/shorter than I originally planned, but I feel like it was still a good tour of Leuven, and it was definitely worth a visit.

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2022/08/02 Antwerp Chocolate Nation
π 2022-08-02 01:01 in Belgium, Museums
Chocolate Nation is a good way to start a visit in Antwerp, and it's definitely one of the better Chocolate Museums I've visited, and they were generous with samples :)

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2022/08/02 Antwerp's Plantin Moretus Printing Museum
π 2022-08-02 01:01 in Belgium, Museums
Antwerp has lots of things to see and Museum Plantin Moretus on how printing was invented and used, was definitely not one to miss. I arrived a bit late due to only so much time in one day, but was able to see most of it within the time left:

2022/08/02 One Day in Antwerp
π 2022-08-02 01:01 in Belgium, Ntrips

Antwerp has lots to see, it's a short train ride from Mechelen (or Bruxelles), and it starts with a beautiful train station:

I started with Chocolate Nation next to the train station (click me for blog):

After that, lots to see in town, Museum aan de Stroom has a bit of a random and weird collection on multiple floors, but at great view:

Waking pseudo-randomly through Antwerp, plenty of things:

From there, I went to the Plantin Moretus Printing Museum (click me for blog):

And still plenty of daylight and sights to finish the day in town:

And that was it. Antwerp has plenty to things to do. If you want to be thorough and go at a reasonable pace, 1.5 to 2 days isn't too much, but it can mostly be done in a day, like I did here.

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2022/08/03 Bruxelles Musees Royaux D'art et D'histoire
π 2022-08-03 01:01 in Belgium, Museums
I didn't get to visit this museum last time I was in Bruxelles, and it has a lot. It's definitely an "everything museum" and took much longer for a proper visit, than I had planned, but I gave it a good shot:

Very cool section on how rome used to look like:

And much more of course:

By the time I got the basement, I realized how much there was to see, and that it would take a *long* time to really see most of it:

Definitely an interesting musuem, well worth visiting.

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