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2022/08/01 Partial Day in Leuven
π 2022-08-01 01:01 in Belgium, Ntrips
Leuven wasa quick train ride from Mechelen. It wouldn't be terrible to spend a whole day there, but I only had have a day, so I made the best of it, as usual :)

Timing was a bit tight, so I had to organize things in the order that they would still be open. The Museum by the library/clock tower was a good way to start the visit:

nice view from the top, of course
nice view from the top, of course

Another main plaza with beautiful buildings:

Time was running a bit short, so I went directly to Museum Leuven, another museum of everything :)

Then, there was plenty of daylight left to go visit the Botanical Garden, which was quite good, and the walk there was scenic:

It was a bit quicker/shorter than I originally planned, but I feel like it was still a good tour of Leuven, and it was definitely worth a visit.

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