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2020/01/24 Running Arduino code with 2D FastLED, Adafruit::GFX, and LEDMatrix displays on Linux
π 2020-01-24 01:01 in Arduino
As part of writing my driver/port to run 2D FastLED, Adafruit::GFX, and LEDMatrix on RGBPanels using a Raspberry Pi, I ended up improving ArduinoOnPc to support X11 or SDL and serial input support on linux.
In the process I added drivers/configuration in neomatrix_config.h to support 3 more display drivers supported by my fork of ArduinoOnPc

  • LINUX_RENDERER_SDL uses ArduinoOnPc's built in FastLED Emulation which allows running native FastLED::NeoMatrix
  • LINUX_RENDERER_X11 uses a quick and dirty driver I wrote:
  • Both allow running your basic 2D code written either of Adafruit::GFX, and LEDMatrix, or 2D FastLED on your linux computer:

    There is basic serial input/output emulation to allow you to interact with serial debugging on your arduino code when run on linux, and of course you can run the code under gdb.

    You can find all the code and installation/usage instructions here:
    This is what it looks like when it's bigger:

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