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This is a collection of my blog entries related to short or long trips I went on.
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2015/08/17 Visiting Seattle
π 2015-08-17 01:01 in Ntrips, Trips
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After a too brief visit of Seattle while going to San Juan Islands in 2010, I used the opportunity of presenting at Linuxcon to spend more of time to visit Seattle this time.

We had a day before the conference, and used it to go see two great museums: Seattle Museum of Communication and Living Computer Museum which are on their own page. We then just had enough time to do Ride the Ducks, because Jennifer never had so far:

Monday night after the conference, we had a party by the Chihuly glass blowing museum by the space needle:

Wednesday night, our party was at the EMP. I decided to go there with the monorail, and as luck would have it, it was the same exact monorail driver I got 5 years prior. EMP had lots of random-ish expos, those on science fiction, horror movies, and indie video games were quite good:

On Thursday, after the conference was over, we started with a seaplane flight (on its own page), and then went to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to check out what they do. While we didn't agree with everything, overall they do good work and the foundation does a good job explaining what they do and why:

We then went to the science museum (which was ok, but not fantastic), and then the sculpture park before going up the space needle to watch sunset:

On Friday, we started with a VIP early food tour of Pikes Place Market. It was enjoyable, but overpriced in my opinion. The guide was very good though:

mmmh, ok :)
mmmh, ok :)

Next, we went to an underground tour which shows of the streets of Seattle at the level they used to be at before the city was rebuilt on top:

the underground streets got light using those
the underground streets got light using those

We then took a quick stroll through town to get to Columbia Center to have other high up views:

Next, we went to the Aquarium, which wasn't the best ever, but still worth a visit.

the underground bus system is nice
the underground bus system is nice

The pygmy cuttlefish they had were both cute and fun to play with (I kept them interested and occupied with pictures through the glass). Have look at the video, those things are super intelligent, they chck you out, change colors, and raise their tentacles when they're ready to pounce. It got even more funny when I showed them a picture of a small crab on my phone:

On the way out, we walked a bit and went back to Columbia Center for sunset:

On saturday, we went to the Boeing Museum of Flight, which was definitely worth a full day (on its own page)
On the way out, we drove a bit for some views, and went for a yummy dinner:

at least it doesn't say 'pubic market' :)
at least it doesn't say 'pubic market' :)

Sunday, Jennifer got invited to go crabbing a bit up north, so we took a long drive by deception pass:

We then went to meet the friends that Jennifer made a few days earlier and who invited her to come ccrabbing with them. We got so many crabs that we had to put some back in the water (over quota).
Watch Jennifer in action:

After crabbing, we had a look at the nearby parks:

Monday, we got up early and did the long-ish drive to Mt Rainer for 8H of hiking (on its own page).

Tuesday was our last day, so we first went to the Boeing Factory tour which is well worth doing, but no pictures inside the factory, just the visitor center:

new customer planes
new customer planes

We then came back south to Visit Google for lunch (on its own page), and then went to see the locks and a couple of parks before it was time to go back to the airport:

We just had enough time to stop by Kerry Park for a nice elevated viewpoint, before driving back to the airport for our flight home. That was a good visit of Seattle, I feel like we got a good overview :)

Seattle was a nice city, good that we had the time to see most of it.

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