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2004/07/11 Ibiza Day 15: Sunday @ Space in Ibiza (picts posted)
π 2004-07-11 10:49 by Merlin in Ntrips, Trips

(posted from France soon after landing)

So, getting up at 06:xx to go to Space was way overkill, but this is what Alain wanted to do in order to get there before the opening at 08:00 (it's on the other side of the Island). I had planned to go an hour or so later, but since they woke me up, I just tagged along (not that I managed to sleep that much Sat night). I had mentioned something about the fact that busses on Sundays run on a different schedule, and sure enough, they went to the bus stop just in time to realize that there wasn't a 07:00 bus. So much for that...
We ended up sharing a cab and getting there way too early, but we got to see the crowds showing up and gathering for the opening of Space. I personally had stopped caring a little bit, so I was carrying a water bottle in my pocket (yes, I was happy to see you too, but that wasn't the point :) and my camera on my belt. I almost made it in, but the guy noticed my overgrown pants, had me remove the water, and then realized that I also had a camera "hiding" under my silk shirt.
He had me check it in, so I removed the pouch from my belt while removing the camera from the pouch and proceeded to check the empty pouch in without anyone noticing (with the camera back in my pocket :)
At the beginning, Space was a little empty (people were still arriving), and crawling with security guys (nice "Space Control" shirts), but as time passed and it became obvious that they weren't going to be overflowing with people quite yet, a bunch of them apparently left and it became a little more possible to take pictures without getting caught (if you're thinking by now that I'm getting a little sick pleasure from sneaking my camera in and taking pictures, you might just be right :) but more seriously, I don't see why they should have the right to restrict me from taking pictures, especially if I don't use my flash (i.e. don't blind anyone)).
The music was ok although not great, and I guess by then I was also a bit partied out (who would have thought? :) but the fun part was the one dark room inside (really dark and a bit cold), with the outside room in full daylight outside (somewhat warm, with by fans blowing on you). Interesting contrast to say the least, and it actually gives you a good excuse to show up with sunglasses :)
Oh, for those who didn't know: the party starts sunday morning, but goes all the way to monday morning (and for some it's only an "after" of some other party they went to saturday night: they bus you from the saturday night party to Space on sunday morning so that you can party 36H straight instead of having to face the horrors of real life outside :)

Anyway, we headed back around 11:30, got our stuff and headed for the airport to catch the plane back to France (plane that would then fly over Space and Bora Bora beach). While the plane was delayed, the ride was fun for the parts during which I was awake as one of my UCPA-mates managed to ride in the cockpit and made several stupid sounds and jingles we came up with during the week (through the aircraft's speakers). The safety announcements were also funny as the French version was filled with silly jokes and the captain would say in French "and now for the real version in English, for those who didn't have the chance to understand the french..."

Pictures from Sunday

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