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2004/07/08 Ibiza Day 12: Thursday (rest)
π 2004-07-08 12:38 by Merlin in Trips

So, I got back from Fiesta Del Agua around 6-ish, and woke up 10-ish.
I ended up going to the sailing base to try windsurfing again, and actually make it back on my own, regardless of how screwed up and changing the winds could be, but this morning, we had really strong winds, which actually broke a cable that was anchoring one of our boats. Needless to say that going out windsurfing was out of the question, no one was allowed out (except for one hobby cat with an instructor which had left earlier in the day).
Had they had lasers (small and fast boats for one person), I'd have been able to go out and have a complete blast, but they didn't, so I ended up going back to my room and rested until the 14:00 dive pickup.
Today was my one before last dive to get the PADI advanced open water cert. It was about demonstrating advanced buoyancy control ("fly" in mid water in bouda stance while inflating the BCD by mouth instead of using the compressed air from the tank). Tomorrow, I'm doing my last two dives of my vacation, and should "graduate" after the first one.
I still have mixed feelings about PADI though. First, their deep water dive is at 30 meters while they certify you for 40 (how do they know, no one knows whether you'll be hit by nitrogen narcosis at 40 meters unless you go and check), and now I did what they recommended and ask about any advise they give that doesn't make sense to me.
Namely, they have a rule "always do your deepest dive first" or "during one dive, go to the shallowest depth first". My diving instructor confirmed when I asked that there is no demonstrated evidence that it makes a difference. What matters is how long one stays at each given depth, not whether you went to the deepest or shallowest one first. He confirmed that he just has to teach that way because it's what PADI mandates, but that independent tests have shown no basis for that advise, and that overall divers don't follow it.
So much for that...

Tonight, I had planned to go to Rue Des Anglais, but I really don't feel up to it. I still have two big parties before I leave (Pacha tomorrow night), and Sunday @ Space Sunday :), so I think the smart thing to do will be to just go to bed early (I'm still not feeling that hot anyway, I'm sure my cold and cough will get better with more rest). Too bad, no SS for me tonight either, and I guess none for this trip afterall. Oh well (not that I'm very surprised, I kind of knew that I'd be very short on time and this was far from being my primary goal).
I actually ended up meeting some friends on the way back from the internet cafe and had dinner with them in a tasty indian restaurant. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to change, so I was lightly clothed and got a cold on top of my cold :(

Oh, and guess what: no pictures whatsoever for today (ok, I ended up taking just a few: the strong wind and sea in the morning, and the nice Indian Restaurant I ended up eating at in the evening):
Pictures from Thursday

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