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2004/07/08 Ibiza Day 11: Wednesday (Formentera & Fiesta Del Agua)
π 2004-07-08 11:33 by Merlin in Ntrips, Trips

Wednesday is go explore day (last week we went around the island with scooters). Damn, it's been a week since I injured my knees already... They are healing slowly thanks to the compeed water proof bandaids, but there is still work left to be done (diving every day doesn't really speed up recovery regardless)
Anyway, we didn't go with the rest of the group to Atlantis this week either, since we had all seen it last year , so this time we went to the Island of Formentera (a fairly big Island 25mn from Ibiza). No, I didn't go to Isla de Botafoc :)

Formentera is nice because of its pristine beaches with white sand, clear water, and picture perfect scenery. Weather wasn't perfect because we got a few drops of rain and clouds here and then, but that's just as well: my skin didn't actually need the extra sun (even if it did get some of the UVs anyway).

We had a scary moment when I came up with the bright idea to walk around a lamp house, cliff-side since there was a small path, but the path became more and more dodgy as we were taking it. It was in no way undoable, but most of us had flip flops or open sandals, which offered little traction in both cases. Next to the path was for the most part a cliff drop to your death, so not really an option you wanted to consider. Luckily I have fairly acute acrophobia, which made me be very careful and hang on to things in case in slipped (of course, in theory acrophobia is supposed to tell me "don't even go there" in the first place, but eh, who said I always did the sensible thing).
I made it through ok as I was fairly scared and very careful, but the UCPA guy behind me clearly didn't have acrophobia, was taking it way too easily, and slipped on the angled rock on the picture below. I'm really not sure how he caught himself and didn't fall down the cliff, but somehow got off only with cuts to his ankle due to vegetation. He got very lucky there.

After some more time on the beach and exploring the island, we headed back to Ibiza, and San Antoni, where we stay. I headed to the internet cafe for a couple of hours to catch up and upload pictures, but felt progressively worse while I was there. I bailed on the restaurant plan, went to bed some time after 23:00, only fell asleep around midnight and got woken up by someone from work who thought it would be cute to call my cell instead of sending me Email, thereby waking me up around 02:00. This required a second Sonata but I eventually fell back asleep to be woken up by my watch at 04:00.
The obvious question would be why? Well, wed night was the Fiesta Del Agua party at Es Paradis, where at 05:30, they fill the main stage with water that you dance in. Mind you, I was feeling sick (well, I was somewhat sick) and I was definitely tired, so the sensible and sane thing to do would have been to just stay in bed, but Ibiza isn't exactly about being sane and sensible, and I really wanted to go to at least one aqua party.

So, I managed to get up and drag my butt there with the help of Mr Red Bull (diet :) and got a few pictures from the very nice club before they started the water, and more after they did. The water from the jets felt quite cold to my taste, so I stayed out of it for a little while, and eventually went it since it was the stupid and fun thing to do :)

We headed back a bit past 06:00, and at least I had planned ahead and worn shorts on top of my swimming trunks with very large pockets in which I fit water tight bags, a dry T-shirt, and other stuff for the trip back. When I got out of the water, it was easy to change and get home mostly dry (I didn't need to get more sick than I already was :)
It was a bit dicey walking with flip flops or my sandals as the club was covered with marble like tiles and was extremely slippery with all the water. For that matter, I almost ate it walking down the stairs while going out, and only saved myself because I didn't trust the traction and was firmly holding the rail.
The fun part however was watching just about everyone else who hadn't planned and wondered why they were all cold and wet, or realized that their shoes/wallet/whatever were ruined, or even worse: things like their cell phone. Maybe they were too tired to think, or had had too many drinks...
Either way, it was a very fun party to be at.

It might not show on the picture, but we were soaken wet :)

Pictures from Wednesday

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