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2004/07/03 Ibiza Day 6: Friday (diving and partying part II)
π 2004-07-03 11:02 by Merlin in Ntrips, Trips

Ok, so that was only one dive, going to bed past 07:00, a dive at 10:00 was somewhat out of the question ;) but Alain and I made the 14:00 pickup for the afternoon dive. Alain bailed though as his ears were still plugged from partying without earplugs, and he also developed a small cold, so he didn't want to go.
He ended up studying at the Kanya beach bar, and on my way there, I fulfilled my promise to take more pictures of dudes, for you ladies :)

The dive was interesting because one of the divemasters couldn't make it, so we were mixed up with first timers, so the dive wasn't very far or deep, but I managed to get good underwater pictures. When the first timers exhausted all their air, the advanced people went back for a somewhat nicer dive.
The part I was happy with was that I had 90 bars of pressure left (45%) after 55mn of diving, including some time at 18 meters. This week I've consistently been left with 40 or so bars more than Alain, which according to our instructor, is both due to body composition, but also to general physical shape (i.e. exercise). It's always good to know that all the physical exercise I do isn't all for naught :)

After stopping at the internet cafe, watching some folks play pétanque (cool game the French play too), nibbling a bit, and a 2H "nap", I went to bed so that I could make it through a late party that night. Oh, and for those who were wondering, the superglued band aids came out fine with my swiss army knife, there was no reason to worry :)

I woke up around 00:30 to go to Eden, where Dave Pearse was spinning that night.
Dave isn't as big a name DJ as DJ Tiësto or PVD, but I have some very nice Trance mixes from him, and I was still kicking myself a year later for not having had the stamina to go see him last year (I was dead by friday, which is why I took it a bit easy at the beginning of the week this year). I had to pay 33 euros when the other folks with me ended up getting in for free thanks to the UCPA organizers, but I don't mind that much, it was money well spent.
Well, as much as I liked my night at Amnesia Thursday, Friday night at Eden was close to being Epic. A night like this is really was defines Ibiza for me: nice Techno and Trance, including lots of tracks that I knew, have, and enjoy actually hearing in a club (try that in San Francisco and tell me if you have any luck). Dave was really nice for me because he played known tracks that might not be brand new, but who cares, I'd much rather have that over newish tracks that aren't that good. Among many, a few tracks I could name: Thrillseekers - Synastesia , Faithless , and many more than I can't quite recall the next morning :)
I was struggling to stay awake though and headed back around 04:30 (still had to take and pass the last written test for PADI on saturday morning). It's actually the second night in a row that I felt uncertain balance at some late hour while dancing, even though I was entirely sober as usual (the only things I could think of were diet rockstar wearing out, or not enough food intake)
Sometimes, people ask me why I think Techno is so cool, or assume that one must take drugs to enjoy it, or something. This blog entry summarizes what I would reply fairly well

Oh, and for those who didn't quite stop caring yet :) my digital camera is pretty much dead at this point. It won't take a picture unless I disable the flash altogether. Since I'm going to Ibiza city for the party at Space sunday morning, I might just by a new camera on the way back from there... Sure, I could also see how I could live without a camera, but 1) my blog would be more boring without it and 2) the experiment of seeing whether I could survive without chocolate didn't work too well, so... :)
Anyway, no pictures from Friday night as a result, believe me, these are tough times for me too :)

Pictures from Friday
You know they sell disposable cameras everywhere. Of course you can't post with that, you have to scan it later. Boring. Which leaves me with my dream of a disposable digital camera with integrated bluetooth... :-)
posted by ralfoide : 03 July, 2004 15:47

Which ladies, exactly, are asking for more pics of dudes? Hmm, makes me wonder.... ;-)
posted by goaliegirl : 03 July, 2004 23:22

To answer both questions:
1) I'm not going back to cameras that don't show me the picture(s) I just took. Taking pictures at night or with special settings is just way too convenient and almost impossible to give up. Of course, I don't want to give up the instant gratification of getting pictures on my laptop right away
2) who is asking for pictures of dudes? Wouldn't you like to know? :) / I figured since I catter to people who appreciate the female body, it's only fair that I give a little to those who like the male one too/instead :)
posted by MM : 05 July, 2004 10:51

Since I enjoy both kind, it's nice for you to try, although I must say I haven't exactly been impressed by the male pictures... YMMV :-)
posted by : 05 July, 2004 14:13

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