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This is a collection of my blog entries about snowboarding.
You can find all the pictures I've taken here, and read below for the more recent trips that I have recorded in blog entries:

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2005/01/31 Kirkwood, I missed you
π 2005-01-31 09:08 by Merlin in Nsnow, Snow

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I really wasn't supposed to go to Kirkwood this weekend, mostly because it wasn't supposed to get much snow, and because I was supposed to take another weekend off to "rest" my sprained rib.
Then, I glanced at the weather reports, ended up seeing two feet of fresh snow, and I just couldn't pass that up. Getting there was more of a problem since it was last minute, and a lot of my tahoe buddies were sick. Eventually, I ended up going with Bob, which unfortunately did mean getting up at 04:50, and only getting there at 11:00 because he had to stop on the way, but eh, it beat not going there at all, or by myself.
Unfortunately, I started feeling like crap in the car, not just tired, but more some kind of sickness. Trying to sleep didn't really help a whole lot, but I think the airborne (vitamins + other stuff) I took, plus another vitamin mix later actually helped, and I miraculously started getting better throughout the day, even if my first runs down were a bit iffy as I could not trust my body and muscles that much.
Most of the powder was kind of gone, both because we got there late, and because well, the real day to be there was friday (and I knew that, I really should have skipped work :) , but still, the conditions were quite good, and I still found a some powder in my secret, maybe slightly out of bounds, spots :)
As for my right rib, well, it probably didn't get better, but it didn't get worse either, thanks to the killer anti-inflamatories (yeah!)

I guess next time is probably not going to be before two weeks from now since I really have to write my conference proceedings for (due this week I think).

Anyway, pictures are here

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