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This is a collection of my blog entries about snowboarding.
You can find all the pictures I've taken here, and read below for the more recent trips that I have recorded in blog entries:

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2004/03/28 Weekend in Tahoe
π 2004-03-28 23:17 by Merlin in Nsnow, Snow

Current Music: Armin Van Buuren - A State of Trance 138 - 2004-03-04
Current Mood: Fairly Good

So, since it snowed a foot or so on thursday, there was just no excuse not to go to Tahoe. The good thing is that it coincided with the trip a coworker had organized. So, the 7 of us ended up in a cabin in South Lake, and went to Kirkwood on Saturday.
The part that you had to be there for, is when the 3 early risers in the cabin all managed to fit in a (quite nice) mini cooper S, along with 2 snowboards (mine is 163cm), a pair of skis, and lots of other gear. That was quite fun ;)

The snow was reasonable considering, but for a change, I didn't disappear the whole day in a quest to get every inch of fresh powder, and ended up snowboarding with everyone in the group (in turns, since they had different levels and went to different places on the mountain).
The highlight was definitely when I managed to fall off the lift, something I hadn't done once the whole season, in an attempt not to be in front of my friends (both on my left and right). Unfortunately, the exit being a bit icy, this interesting maneuver ended up with me rolling over my head, and Bryan more or less riding against/over my head (thank god for the helmet).
No real harm done, except for screwing up my neck, yet again :(

A big after our late lunch, I went over to Palisades to meet the two bunnies in the group and ride with them until the end of the day. They did quite well considering the snow condition (it was becoming icy because the sun was too low), and it was too hard for me to manage any good faky riding (almost ate it 3 times, but somehow managed to save it each time)

Fun was had the evening after that, first by kicking butt at foosball (scored 10 goals, including 2 against myself which caused me to barely lose in the end :). We then almost won at pictionary, if it weren't for the winning team that was cheating, the judges not accepting answers in French (how dare they?), and my teammate being creative at choosing other words on the card ;)
The funny part is that I was so far gone sleep-wise that I was actually one of the few who was ok around 03:00, as my body had just given up on seeing any sleep anytime soon, but the other folks bailed, so I never got to see the end of strange brew, which is quite unfortunate as it seemed to be a fine piece of cinematography :) (no matter, I just started downloading it)

My only regret (kinda) was not being able to ride on sunday, but than again, I think I never hurt so much after so little snowboarding (not counting a bad calf cramp that woke me up during the night. WTF, I've never ever had a cramp from snowboarding before, and I usually ride a lot harder than I did saturday). I can't even recall really falling and hurting myself outside of that one lift incident.

Some of the pictures can be found here

Anyway, we ended up getting home, and beating the other tahoe bus, because Brian thought he should listen to bad advise about a "shortcut" :)
I got home around 18:00 and started working on hooking up the new AV system I had just received friday.
4 hours later, risking my life in precarious balance situations on a chair behind my TV, some of it is hooked up, but there is still work to be done. At least I can hear my music through the 6 speaker surround system again. Yeah!

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